Monday, February 4, 2013

Lessons learned (and yet to learn)

Today the Bubbles and I headed back down to the creek after we finished our schooling for the day.  We all started out by lacing up some waterproof boots.  Check!

And she was no sooner laced, then Gregorie was off.  Alex eyed the muddy slope, picking her path carefully.  Ya, me, I picked my path VERY carefully.  Stepping frequently on the exposed areas of sleeping sage bushes, knowing they would hold me.


 Down, down she ran.
 With Alex not far behind.
 They waited for me and we headed upstream.

 With the dogs running along.
 Criss-crossing our way.
 With me still falling in to my knees!

 And then Alex saw something shiny in the water.  And had to head down to get it.
 Had to reach her arm into the icy water...

 To bring back her prize.  Um hum.  Now she has an icy cold arm.  Which eventually sent her running up the hillside and into a warm bath with rosemary and eucalyptus Daddy Bubble ran for her.
 She lasted long enough to check out some freshly budding shrubs.
 And while the light today was nothing special we did manage to capture some beauty.

 Before trodding back downstream.  Before Gregorie found out that parts of the stream are deeper than her boots are tall....

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