Monday, February 4, 2013

Dirty Fingers (or is the whole world just crooked)

As Alex was headed to bed last night, she asked, "Mom, what is that word for the bones of the fingers?"

"Phalanges," I replied.

"Ya, 'plalanges'...." she mused.  "You know that word, phalanges, and the word 'heinous', you know the one that means really awful, well, 'phalanges' and 'heinous', they sound like potty words."

Uh, ya.  They do.  I find it very interesting that 1) she is right on the money and 2) we don't use the expression "potty words".  I am a big believer that no words are off limits for my children.  I tell them, "You can use any word IF you can wield the power of that word.  Words cannot be used to hurt or belittle but they can be used to express your frustration, your observations."

While I was pondering her current observation, I looked up and noticed that some of the framed photos over the bed were not straight.  "Gregorie is crooked," I remarked.

"My sister is NOT crooked!  Why would you call her a crook????"

"No, not GREGORIE Gregorie, that photo of Gregorie.  Now that I look more closely, most of the photos are crooked."  Alex promptly jumped up and set out to setting straight.  She lined them all up; she made their edges all parallel.  But standing back, I could tell they were all now "crooked" to the line of the ceiling or wall.  I left them that way.  We should live life at slant once in a while.

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