Sunday, February 10, 2013

Conquering fears and missing ears

The other day the Bubbles and I headed down the eastside of our property, toward the "meadow", and the little seasonal creek (basically a stream).

When we got down to the "the bottom" I found out that this was in fact where Gregorie had "fallen in".

The girls threw some snow in the water and we hiked downstream toward the convergence with the other creek.   Gregorie begged the camera and did her best imitation of Ansel Adams.  Alex found an ear of dried corn and we made wishes as we threw kernels in the stream.

Alex and I finally cast the cob in, making several wishes on the "wish stick" before sending it downstream.  We were following behind it, making sure it didn't get caught in sticker brushes while Gregorie ran ahead.  UNTIL she shrieked.  The most blood curdling scream!  She had come upon....

...a dead deer. 

[to be continued]

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