Sunday, September 22, 2013

Equinox Collides

For the past couple weeks the Bubbles have been studying the solar system in science.  We assembled and painted plastic models (for some reason I don't have a picture?) from kits I got on Amazon.  It just so happened that this week we arrived in the New Kingdom of Egypt in history.  In the 15th century BCE, the sundial was invented.  So.... we made a sundial.

We followed these directions, from Ancient Science (Weise, Jim; Jossey-Bass, 2003)

And luck would have it such that the Equinox this weekend enabled us to properly "set" it!  I'm impressed with how well it works and just wish it wasn't made of cardboard!  We have plans for making one from clay -- I will report back!

 It's 5:00 somewhere... oh, here!  Time for a beer!

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