Thursday, January 10, 2013

Of Gatos and Perros

I love morning conversations, snuggled in a warm nest of wool and down, with my girls.  This morning Gregorie, now 6.5, the Baby Bubble, also known simply as B, and I exchanged these thoughts while Poodle, aka Alex, 8, slept in a bit.

G:  Mama, when I grow up I'm going to have lots of cats and dogs, lots of kittens and puppies.  LOTS of cats!
M:  A lot of cats means a LOT of cat poop.
G:  That's okay.  They will go outside to... you know... Like Traveler does.
M:  Oh, okay.  Well, I hope you live on a farm or in the woods or something. 
G:  Ya, I will.  But well, the little ones, maybe they will have a litter box or something.
M:  So, who's going to clean all that poo out of the litter box?
G:  Well, me of course.  Because I'm going to live alone.  I mean, no husband or anything.
M:  How many cats are you really thinking you'll have?
G:  Like maybe 20.
M: Oh, so you'll be a crazy cat lady?
G:  No.  Because I'll have dogs too.  [pause]  Mama, are cats allowed in Thailand?
M: Yes.
G: And dogs?
M: Yes.
G: Are you sure?
M:  Yes, I'm sure.  I told you how when Aunt Kelly and I were in Thailand we stayed in a hut on the beach for a couple weeks and we had a dog who lived with us.  Remember?
G:  I remember.  [pause]  Do they have pet stores in Thailand?
M:  I think they probably do.
G: Do you think it's hard to learn Thailandish?
M:  It's just called Thai.  They speak Thai in Thailand. 
G: Do you think I could learn it?
M: I'm sure you could.
G: [thinking]  I think maybe I should go to Mexico first because I already know a little Spanish. 

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